Let’s not beat around the bush: Your website is your single most important marketing asset. When people hear about your company, the very first thing they do is look is look you up online. Once they land on your website, you have about 10 seconds to grab their attention and entice them to learn more.

So what’s the secret sauce? Like any good recipe it’s a balanced mix of ingredient that includes:

  • Visual appeal
  • Clear messages
  • Easy navigation
  • A site that is friendly to all platforms and devices
  • A site whose pages load quickly

Web Design and Development

We also add our secret ingredient to every web design project: Making sure people “get it.” Even if your website is beautiful, if people don’t understand what you do very quickly, they will leave your site and you will lose out on the opportunity to convert them into a lead.

Sounds simple enough, yet how many websites have you visited and thought, “This site sucks”?  At Social Light, we want to make your website rock so that it routinely brings in new business.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Web Development

Create a brand new site or add functionality

Web Design

Refresh your banners or give your entire site a complete facelift


Sell products or simply take client payments

Online Messaging

Develop clear and concise value propositions and calls-to-action

Web Maintenance

Add a new page or get those updates off your plate

Lead Generation

Collect leads and feed them into a sales funnel

Improved Navigation

Make information easy to find on your site

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your site  so more people will see it (SEO is such a big topic that it gets its own page)

Small Business Efficiency

Make your website work for you! Check out some productivity options in this mini webinar.

Whatever your needs are, you’re only one call away from a better website, so let’s get moving!

Opening this practice has been a HUGE pain but designing the website with you has been the one thing I don’t lose sleep over at night!

Dr. Courtnee Pelton
Clinical Psychologist
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