Doing it yourself doesn’t mean doing it alone

Small Business Training Programs - Social LightAt Social Light we understand that while no one knows your brand like you do, it’s challenging to learn all the things you need to know to run a business – especially when it comes to the digital world.

We’re here to help.

We know that there are oodles of small business training courses online, but this is no generic webinar. Our training sessions are customized to not only teach you how to master a task or program, but do it in a way that fits in with your business goals.

If you simply want to learn how to navigate MailChimp, we’ll be happy to point you to their training videos (no charge!). But the truth is training is much more effective when there’s context.

Social Light’s small business training sessions start from a strategic standpoint. We make sure we understand the goals and pain points of your business so we can focus on what you really need to know. Not waste your time with fluff.

I adore you! You have a gift of breaking things down (and speaking in layman’s terms) in a way that makes me feel empowered (rather than talked down to). Rock on!

– Amy Podolsky

Small Business Training Programs

Starting Up Your Website

You know your business needs a website, but knowing where to start seems daunting. Never fear, we’ll help you choose and secure a domain name, select a host account that best meets your needs and even begin planning for your website.

If you are ready to jump right in, we can help you set up and start using your branded email account attached to your new domain.

Email Marketing

Which email program is right for you – MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber? Understand the pros and cons of the different programs and learn how to navigate your way through the email program of your choice.

We’ll also discuss email marketing strategy and how to maximize tools like AutoResponders.

Buffer v. Hootsuite

Social media is a must for most businesses, yet everyone is looking for ways to use their time wisely. Learn how these two tools can help in your social media strategy and if Buffer or Hootsuite might be right for you.

Blogging for SEO

The word is out that having a blog helps you rank higher in Google, but it takes more than simply scribbling a few words. Learn how to create a content calendar, find keywords and apply the SEO formula to your blog.

This small business training session is great for teams when an organization has multiple writers.

Navigating WordPress

If you engaged a web developer to create your website in WordPress, but you’d like to manage the site yourself, this training session is essential.

You’ll learn the basic structure of WordPress, the importance of keeping things up to date (and how to do that), as well as any unique elements of your site.


You want to monetize your website, but need more information on the ways to do it. This small business training program not only covers the difference between payment processors like PayPal, Stripe and Square, but we’ll also cover payment platforms.

Because this training program is customized for your organization, you’ll not only be able to directly compare payment options, you’ll walk away with an e-commerce plan for your business.


Want to share your expertise with the world, but just not sure how to get out there? Social Light will walk you through the various platforms for online learning to help you make the best choice for you.

We’ll also cover the most common teaching formats along with tips and tricks for student engagement and a successful online course.


The wonderful thing about online marketing is that everything is measurable, yet you have to take advantage of your metrics to understand what is effective and what is not.

Learn how to use Google Analytics, as well as the campaign statistics on Facebook and email marketing to your advantage.

Strategic Planning & Brainstorming

Social Light offers a formal digital marketing strategy package for small businesses that need a bit of help on direction, but sometimes you don’t want formal. Sometimes you need a sounding board to help you work through all the ideas in your head and come out with a direction you can move forward with.

This can be especially helpful to explore new revenue streams, brainstorm campaigns, or when you need to bring your whole team together to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Every small business training session is customized by Social Light founder Nicole Krug for you and your needs. Training sessions may be held in person or online through web conferencing.

We can give you the skills to make your business thrive.

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